steel armor plated shit house.


IQ: 11
ME: 17
MA: 15
PE: 23
PS: 27
PP: 15
PB: 9
SPD: 30
HP: 26/26
SDC: 118
MDC: 30
Cyber Armor MDC by Location:
Shoulders (2) – 8 each
Back/Shoulder Blades (2) – 15 each
Forearms (2) – 10 each
Thighs/Upper Legs (2) – 15 each
Chest Plate (main body) – 50 M.D.C.
PPE: 20/20
ISP: 50/50

Money: $0

Cyber-Knight 1

Cyber-Knight Zen Combat 1
Cyber Armor 1
Psionic Powers
*Create Psi-Sword (0)
*Create Psi-Shield (15)
*Sense Evil
*Sixth Sense
*See Aura
*Read Dimensional Portal
*Summon Inner Strength
*Intuitive Combat
*Resist Fatigue

Literacy: American (50%)
Language: American (96%)
Language: Dragonese/Elf (96%)
Language: Japanese (80%)
Language: Faerie speak (80%)
Anthropology (35%)
Body Building
Climbing (57%/47%)
*Automatic Kick 1D8
*Sense of Balance (55%)
*Parallel Bars & Rings (65%)
*Climb Rope (75%)
*Backflip (75%)
Horsemanship: Cyber-Knight (70%/50%)
Land Navigation (48%)
Lore: Demon & Monster (45%)
Paramedic (50%)
Swimming (60%)
WP Targeting
WP Sword
WP Heavy Energy Weapons
WP Energy Rifle
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts 1

Related 12
Prowl (35%)
WP Bow
WP Pole Arm
WP Automatic Rifle
Horse Breaking (30%)
Exotic Animals (40%/30%)
Detect Ambush (35%)
Wilderness Survival (35%)
Law (general) (30%)
Recognize Weapon Quality (30%)
Identify Plants (30%)

Athletics (general)
Cooking (35%)
Forced March
Physical Labor
1. Body block/tackle does 1D4 damage (double if the wrestler is 8
to 12 feet/2.4 to 3.6 m tall, and 3D6 damage if larger). The opponent must dodge or parry (push away/deflect attacker) to avoid being knocked down. If knocked down, the opponent loses one melee at- tack/action and initiative for the rest of that round.
2. Pin/incapacitate on a natural roll of 18, 19, or 20. This means that the wrestler can hold his opponent in such a way that his opponent can- not physically attack or move. However, the character who is using the “pin” hold cannot attack or move without releasing his opponent.
3. Crush/squeeze does 1D4 S.D.C. damage per squeeze attack (double damage if 8 to 12 feet/2.4 to 3.6 m tall, and 3D6 damage if larger). Each “squeeze” counts as one melee action/attack.

Light Armor
gas mask and air filter
tinted goggles
knife (or two)
4 wooden stakes
Vibro-Giant Sword (3D6 MDC)
knife (1D6 SDC)
Vibro-Knife (1D6 MDC)
Vibro-Pole Arm (4D6)



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