Victor Slardass

From the mind of a demented madman comes a demented madman


IQ: 17
ME: 12
MA: 11
PE: 7
PS: 9
PP: 12
PB: 15
SPD: 11
HP: 15
SDC: 24
MDC: 30

Find the Exotic
Recognize Scientific Authenticity/Quality (57%)

OCC Skills
Language: Spanish (85%)
Language: Techno-Con (85%)
Language: English (98%)
Language: Dragonese/Elven (70%)
Language: Faerie (70%)
Language: Deep South (70%)
Math: Basic (75%)
Math: Advanced (75%)
Electronical Engineer (50%)
Computer Operation (60%)
Find Contraband (36%)
Pilot Automobile (70%)
Radio: Basic (55%)
Recycle (50%)
Salvage (55%)
WP Energy Rifle

Related Skills
Chemistry (50%)
Chemistry: Analytical (45%)
Biology (45%/50%)
Brewing (35%/40%)
Pathology (50%)
Literacy (45%)
Research (55%)
Jury-Rig (40%)
MD (70%/60%)
MD Cyber (50%/70%)
Mechanical Engineer (35%)
Robot Electronics (40%)
Computer Programming (55%)
Xenology (50%)
Robot Mechanics (25%)
Artificial Intelligence (50%)

Secondary Skills
4 more
I’d suggest putting weapons skills here. You don’t get any bonuses for these.

light M.D.C. body armor
one weapon for each W.P.
2 E-Clips
one laser scalpel or Vibro- Knife
a P.D.D. pocket audio digital disc recorder & player (plays one inch discs, two hours per disc, powered by a tiny one year battery) and a dozen blank discs
note pad
variety of markers
mechanical pencil
portable hand-held computer with micro-printer
pocket laser distance finder
conventional tape measure
digital camera (100 still photos and up to 30 minutes of video per video disc, triple the number of still photos if no video is used) and a dozen video discs
multi-optics band
pen flashlight
large flashlight
hand pick (1D4 damage)
survival knife (1D6 damage)
utility belt
sunglasses and goggles
walkie- talkie radio
air filter
gas mask
100 feet (30 m) of lightweight rope
tool kit
6 specimen cases
12 specimen dishes
six test tubes
1D4 specimen jars
24 microscope slides
portable microscope


Born into the once powerful and wealthy Slardass family, the world was Victor’s oyster. His formative years were spent bored witless as he was passed from tutor to tutor, each claiming he was too much of a dullard to salvage. Exasperated, his parents spent a small fortune to apprentice him to Dr. Rudolf von Stroheim, the famously unhinged cyborg surgeon. In his care, Victor discovered a passion for the scientific method. Stroheim’s teaching awoke a thirst for knowledge in the boy that was not satiated through text or discourse. No, experimentation was the only authority that Victor respected. Seeing this, Stroheim put him to work as a lab assistant, elated to finally have an assistant that shared his views on ethical research. Still, the boy was kept on a tighter leash than he’d have liked and it was not long before the doctor was strangled in his sleep by his own robotic arm. Taking control of the cyborg’s assets, Victor used his lab and wealth to conduct his own research.

Such vanity projects are not lucrative work, however and living test subjects do not come cheaply. Before long he was broke and left with no choice but to approach his family for money. It took almost a year for the compounds he had been slipping the matriarch to accumulate to fatal levels, by which time all other heirs had been discreetly threatened or coerced. The Slardass fortune was significantly larger than Stroheim’s, but Victor’s ambitions had only grown since his childhood. The wealth of his forebears was a fraction of its former size after only a decade.

In a fury, the remainder of the family evicted him from the ancestral manor with a hail of gunfire. Believing him dead, they spent a futile hour looking for the legal documents to ratify the change in leadership. It was the new head of the family, Victor’s cousin Horatio Slardass, who noticed the trail of blood first. Following it led them to a secret room within Victor’s lab, containing only a single table. On the table was a folder containing the family accounts, the Slardass seal and a blood-flecked letter in Victor’s hand:

“To the interim family head,
I am taking an extended leave of absence to recover from tonight’s altercation. I have left in this room all of the necessary documents. I do not know when I shall return; perhaps I shall travel a while to see what I can learn from the world. Kindly make lots of money for me while I’m gone.
Love, Victor Slardass”

Victor Slardass

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